2010 -Campaign on Protecting Women's Human Rights,Equal Rights , and 30 percent Political Representation”


In 2011, WPA-SL celebrated the International Women’s Day. Together with the oldest women’s network of Mothers and Daughters of Lanka, the Law and Society Trust and the National Peace Council participated in the campaign. The theme of the National Campaign of 2011 was “Protect Women’s Human Rights, Demand Equal Rights, and 30 percent Political Representation.” Three hundred participants, including candidates of all political parties contesting Local Government Institutions, joined this campaign. The common poster produced by WPA-SL for the local government election campaign was launched and distributed to candidates and CBOs on this day. 

  • In 2010, WPA-SL has produced campaign posters, leaflets, hand bills, banners and streamers as campaign materials.
  •  Demand for 50 per cent Quota in Nomination and one-third reservations.